We’re knit tight—in people and process. We like knowing clients well, sharing real emotions and responding promptly. We’re passionate about our work because we’re selective about our projects. We make spaces that are comfortable and familiar and new and thrilling. We never accept boring.

Julie Purpura

Owner + Creative Director

Julie Purpura is the Owner and Design Director of Avenir, the Chicago-based design firm she established in 2016. With more than a decade of experience at the forefront of the design industry, Julie’s striking concepts have influenced top restaurants and hotels, both domestically and internationally. In 2014, Boutique Design named Julie to the prestigious "Boutique 18," an annual watch list of on-the-rise designers of hospitality interiors. Avenir’s current portfolio includes a high-profile roster of discerning clients and industry leaders.

Julie’s ethos is rooted in the idea that successful design begins with a powerful concept that guides each phase of the design process. Technically grounded, Julie transforms spaces with her distinctive approach to interior architecture and a razor-sharp attention to detail.

Caren Isopo

NCIDQ, Studio Director

Caren brings a provocative edge and skilled approach to design and construction, dedicating herself completely to her clients and projects to meet all expectations for the execution of a vision.  Her work is focused, compelling and memorable.  Caren’s design inspirations draw from history, culture, location and lifestyle, focusing on the experiences that take place in the space, while reinterpreting traditional ways of thinking with a modern perspective.

Meghan Dawn Tucker

Senior Designer

Concept and storytelling drive Meghan’s work. She tirelessly researches the history of her properties, looking for those crucial pieces of information that set her designs down an unexpected path. Her concepts take the familiar and the human, and intermingle them with atmospheres that move people far outside the ordinary. Meghan believes in the power of collaboration to expand her perspective, push her limitations, and create designs that people love.

Brooke Kalvaitis

NCIDQ, Senior Designer

With wide-ranging experience in corporate workplace design, Brooke brings a high level of rigor to her Hospitality clients at Avenir. Her methodology shines through in the breadth of her concepts, the meticulousness of her space planning, and the thoughtfulness of her palettes. Her clients trust her to explore novel, timeless ideas that aren't rooted in passing trends. In all her work, Brooke strives for spaces where every moment feels considered and effortless.

Hanna Hanson

NCIDQ, Designer

Hanna has specialized in Hospitality design throughout her career. She’s at her best on small, fast-paced teams where she can build real relationships with her clients and colleagues. Empathizing with the experience people have in her spaces—and imagining how to improve it—is core to her process. Equal parts playful and technical, Hanna embraces challenging contexts and constraints as the best catalysts for creativity and innovation.

Julie Govedarica

Design Intern

Julie spent the first five years of her career using her business degree in sales and service roles. In 2019, she accepted an internship at Avenir Creative and began her journey toward a more creatively fulfilling life. She supports the team in concepting and research, and appreciates every learning opportunity that comes her way. Julie is currently exploring her personal design aesthetic while pursuing her BFA in Interior Architecture at Columbia College Chicago.

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We’re proudly based in Chicago and designed our space accordingly. Graceful, functional, raw—open enough for our broad shoulders. Maybe yours, too. Ask about a job at Avenir.